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  1. Hi Pratyush More screen shot crash info in detail. ScottyJavea
  2. Hi Pratyush, Please attached screen shot. ScottyJavea
  3. Hi Garima, See attached image of crash report. Is this enough for you? ScottyJavea
  4. Hi Garima, Stuck again. Took six tries to get a response, so it does show that it will work. No problems with my Android app. Any ideas. ScottyJavea
  5. HI Garima, Started crashing again. Several reports have been sent. I haven't made any changes to anything. ScottyJavea
  6. Thanks for your reply Version 6.6.0 (775) Lenove laptop with Ubuntu Liux Two crash reports sent previously For some reason it has started working again without any changes being made from me. Long may it contunue Regards, ScottyJavea
  7. Hi The Redirect just takes me back to the original Enpass page. I've tried Firefox and Chrome but no change to the problem. It used to work on Firefox.
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