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  1. Hi @Pratyush Sharma Thank you!. In the Android settings within chromeos I set Enpass to be used for autofilling. However when it's set like that, if you want to manually enter something in the userfield you cannot until you click the "Enpass" button and select an entry. This is the issue for any android app. If you start typing no characters are entered in the field. It's like the Enpass autofill service is blocking you from manually entering something there. If you select a wrong entry and then delete the content you are able to type manually again. A good example for this would be the Outlook app. When you want to add an account there it asks you for your e-mail address and the button for autofilling with Enpass shows up. As soon as this button is visible the e-mail address field is locked until you click the Enpass button and select a wrong entry (which it fills in) and then the field is unlocked and you can delete and change it. This is the case with both the physical and the onscreen keyboard.
  2. Hello Everyone, Since a couple days I own a chromebook and everything has been great so far except for the fact that whenever I want to login somewhere it blocks me from doing any kind of manual input. until I input something from enpass that is wrong and then edit it I cannot use my keyboard to put anything else. Is anyone else having this same issue? It's very frustrating.
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