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  1. Thank you @Pratyush Sharma,

    o.OIf you know it, it's totally easy!
    You were 100% right. The DownloadSource was the reason. I had Installed from AppStore not with Web-Download.
    Thank you very much for help!

    Because you are batched by «ENPASS TEAM» some following question/thoughts:

    • Why there are differences although  the version-identifiers (6.6.0) is the same?

    Normally, the app from AppStore seams to be «more secure».
    Would be great, the differences from AppStore <-> WebDownloadwere be published.
    Currently without SHA/MD5 hash without knowing there are differences (same version in the install-overview), I would always prefer the AppStore «by default».

    Maybe this will help other on the same way, searching the difference between documentation/realLive.;)

    Best regards

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  2. Hi,

    Does anybody know a solution to store the default path to the storage-folder from Enpass in macOS Big Sur?

    By default there is created a folder under ~/Documents. This Folder is not «moveable» by drag & drop. And I don't like to do it with Terminal, because it could cause problems.
    Unfortunately the storage-place (storage-folder in German Speicherort) is set to a folder that not exist.


    And when I click on the underlined link, a finder popsup with the path: User/mh/Documents/Enpass.

    Maybe this «wrong» path is some old-stuff from before the upgrade to big sur (from Mojave install).
    So I uninstall the hole EnpassApp with AppCleaner and reinstall it. No difference.
    Then I use also «Delete all». No change....

    I read in the documentation, the path is changeable by clicking on «change location». But I can't find the button. And when I click on the «location-path» (Speicherort) the finder pops no possibility to change and also no right-click contextual-menu to find. 

    Would be great to get help to change the directory out from the root-folder in «Documents». We have an internal hirarchiecal solution for folder-structure. The Enpass folder does not match in the default place.

    • Does anybody has a solution for this need to «move the location of the Enpass-Folder»?
    • Is that possible at all?
    • Do I have to delete some deeper preferences-/system-stuff?
    • Or any help, if I misunderstood something basic?

    Thanks for help

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