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  1. I'm running 6.8.2 (1084) on Windows desktop and no matter what I do, I cannot get either Tags or Categories to show in the left-hand navigation tree. I've noticed this on the past several versions, but I've been hopeful that updates would resolve the problem, but that's just not happened, so here I am. Is there any way to get this functionality to work? I really want those 2 features to work, and not having them makes navigating the program such a headache. Thank you for any help that can be provided!
  2. I am seeing it on my Samsung Android tablet (along with all my Windows machines), but my Samsung Note 20 Ultra and my iPhone are just fine. It's odd, in that regard.. You'd think it would be either "all broken" or "all working" in that regard. Do you have a link where Enpass has acknowledged the issue? I don't understand how something so broken gets released.
  3. Greetings, I'm currently running Enpass (Wndows Store) v. 6.8.0 (1048) and am having to re-authenticate to Dropbox (for vault sync) every time I open the application (from both a cold startup as well as unlocking while it's already been running in the background). This is a new problem with the most recent update, as I wasn't having this issue prior. This is the message that I'm seeing from within the application (shown below). If I go through the process and re-authorize folder access in my Dropbox account, then sync picks back up and works again, but will stop as soon as the application locks or is exited. I'd appreciate any help on this - is there anything I can do to assist in getting this resolved?
  4. Thank you @Garima Singh! I've been an Enpass user since 2015 and have upgraded to each tier as offered, as I really appreciate the value of the application and have *thoroughly* enjoyed the platform. I've just recently started to move my 2FA accounts into my vault and immediately ran into this issue. From your instructions, I see that this is for the mobile app, which would make sense. I was asking from the frame of reference of the desktop app, but as long as I can re-capture at either endpoint, then I am satisfied since the desktop will sync the changes over from mobile. Thank you!
  5. Greetings, I inadvertently dismissed the blue 2FA banner that shows at the top of 2FA-eligible items and it appears that once that has been dismissed (via the "don't save" button) the banner cannot be turned back on and the walkthrough to scan a QR code for that item is no longer available. Is there any way to scan a QR code (or enable 2FA code saving) for an item after the banner has been dismissed? Thank you.
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