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  1. Thank you for your help. Deleting the data on OneDrive and resynching was successful. Pls be aware that I was using the version you reference on all devices (2 Windows 10, 1 Android). The 2nd Windows installation continued to work, however after deleting the Enpass folders on OneDrive cloud I was only able to resync from Android. Thereafter the Windows installations were also both functional including the new one.
  2. Hello and thanks for helping, I have an Enpass account and sync to OneDrive across several devices. Love your product! I have just purchased a new Windows 10 computer and downloaded Enpass from Microsoft Store. When I open the Enpass app, I am asked to Restore from Cloud, in my case OneDrive. After entering my OneDrive username, I am redirected to the app via a browser screen that says Authorization Finished. The app then asks me to "Please provide the password of the data". I have tried entering my OneDrive password and my Enpass master password and receive the message "Incorrect Password" to both. Please advise on how to set up Enpass on a new computer when I have an existing account and OneDrive sync. Thanks. sking29
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