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  1. Even if it could, it wouldnt be able to crack your Enpass Vault (where the real concern is).
  2. Thank you Abhishek Dewan!! The Solution worked perfectly!!! I really appreciate the detailed response!! Thanks again!!!
  3. Hello Enpass Team, I am on Desktop (Windows PC) Enpass, v. 6.8.2 I use OneDrive Personal to sync my Primary Vault. My Onedrive account is active, and all passwords up to date etc. Currently, whenever I go into Settings and attempt to sync my Primary Vault, Enpass stays in the Synchronizing phase and never stops (with either a timeout error, or a completion of they sync.) What can I do to remedy this? I have: - logged directly into my Onedrive, and kept it active during this process - Completely exited Enpass, and then restarted it while having the Onedrive active and logged in I know that this is more of a bug report than feature request, but perhaps the Team could add the ability to disconnect the drive regardless of whether its trying to Synchronize or not? (Currently the disconnect button is blocked until the Cloud sync has finished, either with an error or a completion.) Thanks so much for your help in the meantime!
  4. Team, Per the Title, Is it possible for the Enpass Team to add Proton Drive to the Cloud Sync services? I would love to be able to move my vaults over. Thanks again!!
  5. I dont know what is going on, Ive never ever had any issues with Enpass until this week. All of a sudden, it tells me that my Onedrive account credentials need resolving, but refuses the password I gave it (even though it is verified CORRECT), I switch all my devices over to dropbox and syncing is working fine, **NOW** it is doing the same with Dropbox. Can an Enpass Engineer confirm what is going on??? This is EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING!! Edit: I dont remember what I did to resolve this issue but everything is fine now. I am positive it was user error on my end.
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