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  1. Ok seems to be a very old (>2 months) known bug. I paid for mobile, premium and yes for me this bug is very annoying too. Hope it will be fix soon
  2. For some time, whether under Mac (Firefox) or Linux (Firefox) my enpass does not autofill the first time after the initial unlock (PIN or Master Password Unlock) I have to reopen enpass a second time for it to work. Then everything works very well until the next "lock" Is it a known bug ?
  3. Hello For some days, my enpass plugin is displayed like this under Mac / Firefox 88.0.1 The UI is 1/4 of the whole windows. And the interface too (I need to click in the red zone for most of the UI I try to uninstall / reinstall the Firefox plugin. I try to reboot my mac, but nothing works :(. Have you an idea / workaround ? Thanks
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