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  1. Hey @Garima Singh, Thanks for the reply. Wondeful to hear that Wayland support is on the roadmap. I'll patiently await the Wayland support. Thanks for putting in the effort. Regards
  2. @Garima Singh Wayland is getting adopted more and more. KDE plasma 5.22 has been released recently and has wayland in a usable state now. I know enpass works with xwayland. However, the user experience of a xwayland desktop in general is not on par with either X11 or full wayland. The fractional scaling of xwayland causes for a blurry desktop. With the release of Plasma 5.22 and the significant improvement to wayland more people are able to make the switch from X11 to wayland. For me at least, the only app holding back a switch to wayland is Enpass. Hence my question if wayland support is on the roadmap of Enpass and if so if there is an estimate when this would become available. Regards
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