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  1. tagged like outdatted in firefox dev edition 56.0b3 (64 bits) but still work (with crash)
  2. firefox 57+ compatibility ? Did you have start doing the browser extention for firefox compatible on 57 ? On this version XUL extension will stop to work. All legacy add-ons will stop working on Firefox 57 when WebExtension will replace legacy add-ons and XUL/XPCOM support will be removed for add-ons completely. Enpass can not survive this change.
  3. sorry for the up but ubuntu will soon give up Mir & unity for use Gnome & Wayland for 17.10. by default. If you don't work on the compatibility, enpass will stop to work soon on ubuntu.
  4. i had the same problem before, try to use another theme. Linux mint Cinnamon 3.2.7 Enpass 5.3.0
  5. i have try to use enpass on linux "KDE Neon", i have no problem with xorg but if y use Wayland the app don't launch. If i try on a console. he say : "Module wayland not found"
  6. same problem, win 10 x64 obviously no problem on linux.
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