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    add a category

    Happy happy
  2. Tote

    add a category

    Thanks for let me know that it can’t be done. But it looks too detailed for me. I’ll wait for the next version, hopefully you’ll include a category called subscriptions. Loving it so far!
  3. I guess I posted the wrong place, I posted under troubleshooting. Add category called subscriptions.
  4. Tote

    add a category

    How do I love this app it’s so much like my old password manager e-wallet this is much better. Using IOS, under Apple ID, Apple has added a category call subscriptions. A nice place to view all your subscriptions and cancel if you want. in your groups sub titled categories, login credit card identity note … nice that you can toggle them on and off but I wanna change one or add one called Subscriptions. it would be so nice -new version? thank you for your time.
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