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  1. I use Assistant and like it a lot. I prefer to use it in the docked mode for some scenarios where I need to copy multiple data entries into applications other than the web browser so I don't have the luxury of an extension with autofilling. However, the default position of the Assistant in the middle of the screen quite often conflicts with the applications or forms where I'd like to fill in the data. So in the end I end up with the application in the middle of the screen and the Assistant in the same position, covering the application underneath it and need to move the window of the Assistant manually to the side to be able to use it properly. It would be beneficial if I could set it up to launch in a different position (i.e. bottom right) just as I can set it to always launch in docked mode. Then I would be able to use it easily and it wouldn't cover the form that I need to fill.
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