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  1. I finally found the vaults with yesterdays date in Users -> myuserid -> Library -> Containers -> Enpass -> Data -> Documents -> Vaults -> primary I copied it back to my internal SSD. I could open the vault and see all my recent changes.
  2. I had downloaded Enpass from the Apple Mac Store. I checked the folder you mentioned above on my 2 external disks, but the 2 folders, Backup and Vaults, are also empty. I assume those were copied back to the internal SSD by the Migration tool. What are the file names of the vault? I could do a search of the entire disk if I find the vault. I don't use iCloud and I don't do backups from within Enpass, as I do several complete system backups using CCC to 2 external disks. So the vault should be somewhere on the external disk. A while back I tried the copy to iCloud, thus, I have an older version there, but I would not want to restore it if I can copy it back from my backup disks. Any other ideas where I could look?
  3. Hi, I did a scratch load of Big Bur on my MBP then used the Migration assistant to copy all accounts, settings, data from my external disk. However, after starting Enpass I found that my local vault is empty and Enpass wanted me to start the setup process by creating a master password. On my local drive I see Enpass in my documents folder. The icon has a small circle in it. there is are sub-folder Backup and Vaults, but both are empty. Is the vault kept somewhere else? And how do I get it back? I have 2 complete CCC backups on 2 external disks, thus, the vault was saved before I did the scratch load of the OS. Can anybody point me into the right direction? Gerd
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