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  1. Hello Gulshan, I hadn't noticed that there is a menu behind the search icon. I got it working now. Thank you very much!
  2. I'd like to search on titles only on MacOS, just as search works on iOS. Now, search goes through all fields and I get too many items. I tried changing the setting for search but that didn't help.
  3. Thanks for your reply. It is working now!
  4. Hello, I installed the latest version of Enpass (6.7.4) but the new autofill does not work. Autofill only works the old way by clicking on the extension icon in Safari. Both the app and the extension have version 6.7.4. Am I overlooking something? I am using a 2017 iMac 27" with MacOS Big Sur 11.6.1 and Safari 14.1.2
  5. Thank you! I now understand that filling in the OTP works via the clipboard. It is all working now.
  6. Thank you! I changed the settings and it is working now the way I wanted
  7. When the Enpass app is open (I unlocked it by typing in the master password) I don't have to enter the master password in the Enpass Assistant.
  8. From the user manual: Click the Enpass icon to launch Enpass Assistant from your browser when you reach a login page. Enpass Assistant will show you the list of all matching login items (already saved) for that domain. Select the one you want to sign in with. Login details will be filled-in automatically. What it does not mention is that you have to enter your master password in the Assistant. Is that correct? I have to enter the master password each time. The reason I ask is because with Apple Keychain, I don't have to enter a master password, Keychain just autofills the username and password.
  9. When I login to a website with 2FA, Enpass enters the username/password. Then I am prompted for a 6-digit code. Enpass does not autofill this code. I go back to Enpass, look up the account, copy the code and then go back to Safari to enter the code. Is this the official way of doing this? I think it would be easier if Enpass autofills the 6-digit code. Or am I missing something?
  10. OK. Thank you for your reply.
  11. I set Enpass to sync via Dropbox and that works fine now.
  12. Enpass on my iPad does not sync anymore. I sync over iCloud. It still works OK on my iMac and iPhone. Other apps like Apple Notes still sync fine over iCloud on my iPad. I tried rebooting my iPad but that didn't help. I switched iCloud Drive off and on again. Then the iPad synced but after 15 minutes the syncing wasn't working anymore again. I then tried to sync over my WebDav server. This only worked for one sync. Then I got sync errors. My iPhone also stopped syncing for a short while. Now, my iMac and iPhone sync OK, but my iPad isn't syncing at all. What do I do now?
  13. I just encountered this: I entered a 12 character password with uppercase, lowercase, digits and a dash. On iOS Enpass says this password is strong, on OS-X it is considered weak. It this an inconsistency or are there parameters I can set for strong or weak passwords? This is an example of a password which is considered strong on iOS and weak on OS-X: Glen5-Creak4
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