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  1. Abhishek, I have at least 6 vaults configured on most of my devices. The potential „solution“ provided is not very smart. Pls provide a fix to that issue.
  2. I have exactly the same issue. Enpass 6.8.5 (677) iOS 16.0.3 (20A392)
  3. @DDD and @meme I'm not a professional, but I assume your Diskstation must be available via internet. I recommend to set up a free account at https://account.synology.com/. Once connected you need to ensure the required ports are forwarded by your router to your Diskstation, for WebDAV the port is 5006. Furthermore you got to ensure to grant the specific user the rights to use WebDAV within the system controll settings of Diskstation (see screenshots, unfortunately in german).
  4. Hi @Anshu kumar and @meme, seems like it's an issue with CloudStation. As an online connection is somehow a prerequisite while using Enpass it is not really neccessary to me to sync with CloudStation. Hence I decided to store the enpass file with my home folder by using this path: https:mydomain.synology.me:5006/home/ By choosing this new path Enpass creates the folder "enpass" in my home folder and stores the walletx-file there. Everything works fine now. I can sync this singel walletx-file with my Mac, my iPhone and iPad.
  5. @Vinod Kumar I have a similar problem. I want to sync Enpass Pro on my iPhone with my Synology DiskStation using the enclosed path: https:mydomain.synology.me:5006/home/cloudstation/enpass WebDAV works fine with Finder (Go to server ...) using https:mydomain.synology.me:5006, hence I assume WebDAV is configured properly. After putting in the credentials I get asked if i want to accept the unsafe connection. After accepting I receive an error message stating not being able to connect to the given WebDAV folder.
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