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  1. This was weird... I could import all Data from 1Password, just one category after the other. Still, needed to copy the content of the 1pif dir to some other dir in order to make enpass actually find anything.

    But it seems it is not related with the content itself. The Number of Passwords should also not be the issue (~ 900 entries including licenses etc). 

    Well, it seems, I was able to migrate anyway. Thanks for the help!

  2. KeePass XC does also not import that file, I can only choose a vault, it would not take the 1pif file as an option.

    But you were right, when only exporting a couple of passwords, it worked...

    Thanks for the Idea, it is most definitely related to the content itself... I will play with that a bit and keep you posted here!

  3. 14 hours ago, Discordant said:

    I've done this on 3 different machines, so I can confirm it works if you follow the exact directions I posted (assuming you are using a recent version of 1Password and Enpass). Did you check your export from 1Password to make sure it actually contains anything? If you're sure there is data that was successfully exported, make sure you're pulling out everything inside the .1pf file, this will typically include a data file and 2 folders (though this will vary depending on what you actually exported).

    yes, that is all correct, and it looks like this exactly here. Thanks for the screenshot, that is exactly what I see in the 1pif "directory". I actually also tried copying the content via shell so that I won't miss any hidden files - there weren't any.

    But it does not work here anyway. Maybe it is related to the language - my Mac runs in German. I was trying to change the language in 1Password, just to try, but there is no such setting. I'd have to change the whole OS to try that.

    I was just taking a look at the data.1pif file inside the export.1pif (confusing suffixes) - it is not language specific. Each entry has a defined structure and key-names are english. So it should work. Could it be there is a problem with Umlauts then?

    This is really annoying. I was importing data using CSV, but that lacks some info and of course all attachments.


  4. On 8/17/2021 at 2:28 PM, Discordant said:

    Allow me to suggest a work-around that will let you get up and running immediately.

    I also just recently switched from 1Password to Enpass and had this exact problem, but I found an easy work-around that doesn't require anything more than a 1PF and Enpass and access to the Finder.

    1. Save the content to import from 1Password as a 1PF file and make note of the location in the Finder.
    2. Create a new empty folder somewhere on your Mac. Call it whatever you want. This is where the files to import into Enpass will go.
    3. Keep the folder you just created open in a separate window or tab and in a different window navigate to the 1PF file in the Finder.
    4. Right click on the 1PF file and select "Show Package Contents".  This will open the 1PF file (which is really just a special kind of folder).
    5. Do a "Select All" of the files and folders you see in this package content window (⌘A).
    6. Drag and drop the content you just selected into the folder you just created in Step 2
    7. Fire up Enpass and start the import process. Select 1Password and the 1PF file format as the import options.
    8. When you are asked to select the folder in which the 1PF file exists, instead select the folder that you created in Step 2 above.
    9. Enpass will now find the content to import from 1Password and import all of it. 

    I did these steps myself and I was able to import everything.

    I'm not sure why Enpass doesn't see or work with the actual packaged 1PF file, but I suspect it might be because very early versions of 1Password a long time ago used to export content into a folder instead of a packaged 1PF file?

    In any case, until Enpass fixes this, the steps listed above will let you get to work with Enpass.

    unfortunately, this did not help either. Enpass states "nothing to import" :$

  5. 1 hour ago, Bill Plein said:

    Dredging up this old topic. I installed Enpass 6.6.3 (840) from the Mac App Store today. Imported from 1Password7 and all of my items in Enpass show the import time and date as both the Created and Modified dates. I looked in the .1pif data and all of the dates in there are correct (not reset to today).

    I am trialing Enpass as a possible paid family user to replace 1Password when it goes to version 8. While Enpass doesn't have all of the features, it has enough for me to move. Except I won't move if I lose all of the created and modified times. 

    I have the same situation here, nice to see people think alike :D

    But for whatever reason, I cannot import from 1password7 - what directory did you choose? Enpass wants to have a directory, when I choose the dir, where the 1pif file (actually it's a directory with a flag) is located, I always get "nothing to import".

    I also tried to change the 1pif-Directory, so that I could use it in the file chooser. No effect neither.

  6. ok, I do only have one iCloud account. That is causing the trouble then? Interesting. Was not aware of that. So, if you want to have several vaults, you also need several iCloud accounts or sync them in different ways?

    I saw the icon, that's how I found out about the duplication of items. 

    Thanks for the info!


  7. Similar issue here. Search takes a couple of seconds, sometime up to 10 seconds...

    Syncing only via iCloud, I have two vaults both synced. In total about 900 entries.

    Switching between is ok here, takes about 200ms, searching really slow, almost to a point where it is unuseable.

    Adding an entry also is slow, takes a couple of seconds, and the app freezes during that time.

    I did not enable to show all counts on the sidebar.

    on iOS search seems to be faster.

    I use V6.6.3 (840) of enpass. 

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  8. Hi, 

    I use Enpass 6.6.3 and have two "Vaults" (tresor in German) or whatever the english phrase is. Both are synced using iCloud.

    Now something strange happens:

    1. I add a new entry to one of the two "Vaults"
    2. sync over iCloud
    3. when the other vault is synced, it also contains the new entry!

    it does not always happen at the first sync. but it happens eventually. this is really strange.

    This is especially annoying when syncing to other devices, first I thought it is related to that. But it also happens locally...

  9. On 8/13/2021 at 5:31 PM, ChrisElden said:

    sorry i  bought SECRETS who is cheaper and works 100% with importing 1P and attached files.

    I think Zagdul will help to solve the situation

    I have secrets also, the import worked a lot better, I agree. But secrets also lacks some features. I'd like to give enpass a try


  10. On 8/13/2021 at 1:48 PM, Gulshan Dogra said:

    Hi @ChrisElden, @Zagdul

    Welcome to the Enpass Community.

    Please share the following details so that we can assist you better.

    • Operating System 
    • 1Password Language
    • 1Password version
    • Enpass version

    Thank you.

    Operating System: macOs Big Sur 11.5.1

    1password language: German

    1Password Version : 7.8.7

    Enpass Version 6.6.3

  11. I have _exactly_ the same issue here. Enpass just does not see the 1pif file as a valid file. 

    Also: if you choose CSV as import, the 1pif-File is also available. You may choose it. But it won't import. 

    If I put the 1pif in a directory by itself and choose the Dir for import - enpass shows, that there is no 1pif in the directory.

    Language of my 1Password is German.

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