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  1. Hi Gulshan, as you can see one extension is activated. This is the one from version 6.7.0. As written before I manually installed this from the Website after version 6.7.1 from the App Store didn't work. Now I'm using 6.7.0 - but the extension is twice in Safari. Can't uninstall the extension without uninstalling the whole app. So, I'll need to wait until you get this problem fixed and I can re-install 6.7.1
  2. Hi, manual downgrading to version 6.7.0 brought the solution. I know have 2 extensions installed of which the older one works. So, 6.7.1 does not work:
  3. Hi, after enpass' last update I don't see the button on the left side of the browser no more. Chrome and Firefox are fine. But in Safari it's gone. Extension is activated in Safari's preferences. Any ideas? Thanks!
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