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  1. macOS Big Sur Version 11.3.1 Enpass 6.7.3 (888) Thanks in advance!
  2. Hey there, I keep running into problems with both methods for setting up Wi-Fi sync. I’ve tried all the recommended troubleshooting tips, restarting devices, pausing/stopping the sync server, etc., but nothing seems to be working. Trying to set up Wi-Fi sync with the QR code yields the following message: "Error Couldn’t connect to Wi-Fi Sync Server. Make sure that server is running and you are connected to same network.” But unfortunately, the server is running and I am connected to the same wireless local area network. Attempting to connect manually results in my iOS application just spinning its gears indefinitely on the “Looking up for servers…” status. The vault has already been set up on my desktop version of the application, as well. Thoughts? I’m at somewhat a loss.
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