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  1. I have been fiddling about trying to make my USB flash drive with Enpass portable on it, act as a key..so far with no real success.. I am hoping that some other paranoid like myself may have an answer. I would like to use the usb drive to open and enter my master password when it is plugged in..to truly make the application seamless, I don't want to have to copy and paste my master password.. If it is stored on the key,and the key is present in the system, that should be as good as entering the master. There are a lot of steps that honestly I don't think need to be involved in using Enpass..I plug in the key, I don't think I then need to click the mini menu to authorize the connection?? why ask ?? I just plugged the key in.. surely that is enough to signal my intention to access the password data, why waste my time asking if it is OK? Any ideas on how I can side step this process on Ubuntu DB
  2. Thanks so much Ivarson, I had the idea that I needed to have both the desktop version on the computer as well as using the portable one to autofill forms..You cleared that up nicely. I have deleted the desktop version of Enpass , ( but kept the Firefox extension to be able to autofill ) but even after having deleted the desktop program, each time I use the portable version, it asks me to restore ( I expect it still has some residual bits left hidden in Firefox) .. Any ideas on just how I can purge them and just rely totally on the portable version without the old desktop version interfering.
  3. Hi, I have after a few false starts got Enpass running on my ubuntu desktop.. works ok, but I would like to move the primary vault which I figure lives somewhere on the PC to my newly installed Portable Flash Drive version.. I like the idea of the added security of being able to take my vault and its contents on my key ring rather than to have this information residing on my PC Hard Drive. Also wonder if the vault is on the USB drive, do I still need to retain the desktop firefox install? Appreciate any advice, this is all new to me.
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