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  1. Especially useful in creating custom templates, where a field only has a few logical responses. I would love to create my own dropdown choices for: WiFi security protocols (WEP, WPA, WPA2, etc.); user account types (Admin, Regular, Parental Controlled); and... so many more than I can think of right now... In sharing my custom Enpass templates with clients - even when populating fields with sample data - I'm still finding that some users inexplicably enter toe most nonsensical data in some of the strangest places. This feature would go a long way to eliminating that, I believe. Thank you again for all your hard work on this wonderful program. I sing your praises to my clients daily (and hopefully have sent much business your way).
  2. Custom templates would make Enpass perfect -- with the added ability to share my custom templates with clients. Especially if these custom templates allowed sample data to be placed in fields as needed. I've installed dozens of copies of your program on client computers (and encouraged as many to purchase the mobile version as well). In teaching clients the virtues of using a password database for powerful passwords (instead of the dog's name plus zip code, which they always forget anyway), I have already painstakingly created about 20 custom templates - new blank entries in a "TEMPLATES" folder, complete with instructions - which I add to each new install. Being able to export / import a customized set of templates each time I install would be a massive timesaver, and I believe would spur sales of your mobile versions as my clients find your program more user-friendly with custom templates available directly from the "+" menu!
  3. A simple checkbox (radio button?) next to fields to designate one as the description display (under the title in the list column). Enpass default choices are erratic for this, forcing me to add extra text to title as description. This would be especially useful on family databases (or company, for that matter), where each member has their own account for the same services. I usually create an "Owner Name" field in these cases, but Enpass never displays this field - even if first in the list.
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