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  1. Guys, there is no need to connect it to the internet for webdav. Also I just want to use Webdav within my LAN, and there is really no reason why it shouldn't work. Let me also make clear, everything works, but just once! Every single time I need disconnect and reconnect.
  2. Hi Anshu, My NAS isn't available over the internet, if there is any other way I can assist, I am happy to help.
  3. What I tried to say, everyday I need to remove and enable it again. It is a pain, is there any news on this?
  4. Except I am not using CloudStation, I enable WebDAV, I also do not prefer to use CloudStation for this. --- I Just removed the WebDAV sync on my Mac and enabled it again, now my iPhone also works again. I dont get it what is going on.
  5. Problems here as well. Sync works one time only on ALL my devices, have to disconnect and reconnect to get it working, its a real pain. WebDAV is working on Finder, but fails, on Enpass Mac, iPhone, iPad.
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