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  1. It's a password database not Adobe Photoshop. There is now Native M1 malware in the wild. There is no excuse.
  2. The end of the year and still nothing!
  3. The M1 has been out over a year. What is the status?
  4. I bought this when I had an Intel iMac and was happy with the app. The interface could use work but it was consistent. On my M1 iMac it is quirky sometimes things works as expected and other times it behaves oddly. For example sometimes I click on a field and select fill with Enpass and sometimes it works flawlessly and other times it won't fill and makes me cancel the fill and start over. I'm assuming this has something to do with emulation but it's making me want to go back to 1password. September has passed and the 3rd party software you use for cross platform development has released an M1 update. So when will Enpass be updated?
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