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  1. Hi Frettman, I finally gave up. I raised this issue multiple times. In the forum as well as per support email but it was never addressed. So I moved to a self hosted Bitwarden install and couldn't be happier. Suddenly you have a software which works (on Android and Windows devices) and you don't have to fix it permanently.
  2. Thanks Andreas. So I'm not alone. It's a real pity that this feature which work once is now broken and somehow makes Enpass not fit for purpose anymore. As a security/privacy tool, I'm not keen to store my sensitive data on OneDrive, Dropbox or another 3rd party service.
  3. Hi, in old versions of Enpass, the WebDAV sync worked like a charm. But in the last versions it's broken - which makes Enpass almost useless. Earlier on, I could establish a WebDAV sync but after a while Enpass stopped syncing with the error message that the WebDAV password is wrong. The password didnt change but Enpass didn't accept the correct password without an error message. Deleting the sync and recreating it with exactly the same password worked for a while ... until Enpass once again stopped syncing ... I tried again today because the were a few updates of Enpass since I stopped the WebDAV sync. But this time, the error is different. I enter the WebDAV details; they are accepted and Enpass starts syncing. Then I see the spinning dots for a while and suddenly Enpass returns to the 'Set up sync screen'. I'm using Enpass on Windows 10.
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