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  1. as per pen Enpass--> Go to Settings--> Browser--> Under "Autofill" enable (Automatically copy One-time password after autofill ). it is already ticked so I has this correct. Ok so you guys have not added it to audit yet? as for others one time codes yes its there and still says invalid key. but also in there is pay pal but the OTC key is there and does not say invalid so this makes it a bit confusing?
  2. Hi i have just set up the google 2fa and had to manually put the one time code into enpass. In the Audit under 2FA supported google does Not appear. Also in the enpass google saved password item it says in one time code [field] Invalid secret key. but i can log into google with out any problems. Why does it not appear in the Audit under 2FA supported ?
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