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  1. Yes i want to view what i am typing in my password Banks allow it so does game networks. Very hard to tell on a phone being so small what i typed, being disabled does not help either Thanks
  2. your right i forgot to mention that sorry i meant yes when we login to enpass should be able to view what we typed in
  3. yes when we login to enpass should be able to view what we typed in
  4. yes when we login to enpass should be able to view what we typed in
  5. I already know about individual site viewing what i have saved so Discordant needs to learn to read what was asked it was LOGIN to Enpass. Thanks dewan when will this be ?
  6. How backward are enpass every good site including security sites allow the user to view their passwords as they type them in. this feature should be a standard feature with enpass, Why because for a very good reason people with disabilities like me, who have trouble typing, cant see if they made a mistake- which is quiet easy to do take for example you couldnt see what this text as i or you typed ? Wouldnt you find that very very annoying ? yes you would- or you couldnt see you Word doc as you wrote it. Be real we live in the real world stop making decisions for us about security even my bank allows us to view or not view our passwords while we enter/type them. Have asked constantly to Enpass techs but get mixed answers for every different on i get emails from. Not impressed We DEFINATELY need this Feature
  7. as per pen Enpass--> Go to Settings--> Browser--> Under "Autofill" enable (Automatically copy One-time password after autofill ). it is already ticked so I has this correct. Ok so you guys have not added it to audit yet? as for others one time codes yes its there and still says invalid key. but also in there is pay pal but the OTC key is there and does not say invalid so this makes it a bit confusing?
  8. Hi i have just set up the google 2fa and had to manually put the one time code into enpass. In the Audit under 2FA supported google does Not appear. Also in the enpass google saved password item it says in one time code [field] Invalid secret key. but i can log into google with out any problems. Why does it not appear in the Audit under 2FA supported ?
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