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  1. I use Authy on my phone to generate TOTP codes. I turned on 2FA in my Nextcloud account. As expected, Enpass (on my Mac) is no longer able to sync. I checked Nextcloud support. They said to use "app passwords". Allegedly you go into the preferences for the application that you want to sync, and there is a place to enter an app password. https://help.nextcloud.com/t/two-factor-authentication-totp/52347 I couldn't find this in Enpass. How do I sync my database with a copy stored on a Nextcloud server that has TOTP 2FA enabled?
  2. Enpass had been syncing successfully with Google Drive, but I want to move off of that. I changed it to sync with my NextCloud. That worked for about a day. Then I noticed that the synchronizations stopped happening. Trying to sync manually failed. So I disconnected from the NextCloud and tried to set up the connection again. This did not work. When I type in the URL, username, password, and hit Connect, it just sits there doing nothing, claiming that it is connecting. Nothing happens. Hitting Cancel does nothing, so I have to hit the Close box of the dialog to dismiss it. I then reconnected to Google Drive. It can still talk to that, so I know that my firewall is allowing the traffic. This is the Mac desktop application. I can't find anything in any logs that would tell me what's happening.
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