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  1. Are you kidding me? You're trying to defend developers changing the PRIMARY WAY people trigger their application every day, multiple times per day, with zero notice and then not allowing people to set the actual setting back to our preferred method of triggering the application again with zero notice and then responding to user's justifiable anger with "it's a new feature, and not a bug"? And that's ok?!?! You're really trying to defend that? Are you 5?
  2. Let's leave the wacko leftist crap off the forum of a password management application.
  3. They don't even realize how stupid it is saying having the browser manage the keyboard shortcut natively is the better way to go moving forward into the future. Following that logic, the "better way" to go for password management would be using the NATIVE BUILT-IN PASSWORD MANAGEMENT of browsers itself and NOT Enpass! Such a stupid, short-sighted statement. I couldn't possibly give less of a shit about integrating with native browser functions of any ONE browser since I use Enpass across 4 browsers over 3 different operating systems.
  4. What a completely tone deaf response to user frustration. This kind of response to legitimate user concerns is why I switched from 1Password in the first place. Looks like it's time to switch to another app again.
  5. Don't try to position this like it's a feature anyone actually wanted. Fix it. Everyone and there mother has been using Command + Backslash since 1Password days. Now we can't in Chrome with zero notice.
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