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  1. Beginning today, when I use the only keyboard shortcut/hotkey combination I have ever used with enpass, it opens the browser extension settings rather than opening the enpass assistant. This appears to be widespread but the change doesn't seem to like it was announced on the blog or in the forum until after the fact. Therefore, it is a bug that was not intended. This hotkey shortcut is a long established muscle memory and the change is hindering my productivity. It is also making me angry at the frustration over the capricious change from one long established, albeit arbitrary, combination to another arbitrary hotkey. This changed was ill-considered, poorly documented, secretly rolled out. If there is a way to use Ctrl+/ the same as I did from the moment I first installed enpass until now, I would like to know. How do I restore the ability to use Ctrl+/ to autofill an authentication form?
  2. This set of instructions not only does *NOT* allow users to decide their own shortcut key, it gives users an error that the hotkey they decided is an invalid combination. You have stated a falsehood. Moreover, this response does not address what you were asked. You were asked how to use the short cut we *HAVE* chosen: "Ctrl+/" which some of us have been using since beta. What you offered is a way to set the shortcut. Such a way to set the shortcut previously existed and none of us changed. Now then, please answer the question that was put to you. How do I restore the ability to use Ctrl+/ to autofill an authentication form?
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