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  1. I also do not like that I cannot choose CMD+# (german version of CMD+/). I use now BetterTouchTool (https://folivora.ai/, payed app) to restore the old behavior. I configure a trigger in BTT to map CMD+# to CMD+. . But it is really sad, I have to do so. Besides, I found another related issue. If I choose in Chrome type "Global" for the shortcut, this then breaks the behavior in other browsers. If I trigger the shortcut in Chrome the native Enpass popup shows accounts for the current website. This is expected. But if I trigger the shortcut in Safari or Firefox the native Enpass popup shows all accounts, not only the ones relevant for the actual site. This is not expected, or very confusing. However, if I set the option in Chrome from Global back to Chrome, then this issue is not present.
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