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  1. This is all nice and stuff, but as I explained, I used the shortcut CTRL+X and this just opened the settings page of enpass in firefox. I changed to CTRL+E now as in your screenshot and this is working. So the problem might be, that enpass is detecting that the combination CTRL+X is used by firefox already and opens up the enpass settings. There should be at least a message to the user, that he has to change his settings to another combination, because CTRL+X is already used by firefox or when trying to set an already used combination.
  2. It's definitely a bug. I used to have CTRL+X, it's not working anymore. Every time I press this (or any other) combination, only the enpass extension settings getting opened. The only combination that works correctly is the default CTRL+SHIFT+PERIOD one. First, who designed this combination? In the middle of the keyboard and you have to lift up your hand if you using your right hand for the mouse. On the left side is more natural for the most users and don't need to remove your hand from the mouse (Something like CTRL+SHIFT+A, CTRL+ALT+A, CTRL+SHIFT+F, CTRL+ALT+F). I'm using Linux (debian buster) / Firefox ESR (up-to-date)
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