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  1. ok thanks for quick support..... seems really ralated to two monitors...
  2. 1) MacOS Monterey 12.3.1, Safari 15.4 but also same problem simultaneously on Chrome 101, 2) Enpass 6.8.0 Mac Store 3) I use a secondary monitor Philips NON retina, maybe the issue could be retaed to move a browser windows from retina to non retina monitor. Then - restart enpass applocation restore the system - open enpass windows, and logging in seems to temporarily solve the issue. cheers.
  3. On Mac monterey, since last updated I have this issue that recovers when restart Enpass Application and then is back again after a while The picture describes the issue, the dialog opens but the passwords area is 25% of the entire surface and is not usable. Macbook pro 13" 2016 retina. RA
  4. I have last version for MacOS, Chrome for it and Enpass. The new browser extensions (the first with autofill inside webpages) does not work often and brakes most of dialog box with standard text boxes.For example if you try creation of a chat using google chat, the Extension appears into the users list and does not permits at all insertion of new users. Simply the dialog appears and suddenly disappears. Disabled extension solved the problem. Look forward a new update with bug fixed..
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