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  1. I didn’t see any bugtracker on your site, so hereby a bugreport in the forum as well. When using enpass browser extension in Firefox or Chrome with sites which include iframes and forms the extension gives the following error in browsers console: Error: Promised response from onMessage listener went out of scope 80 background.js:8:59712 The extension then steals focus to the first field of the form, after that it’s impossible to select text on the iframed-webpage, the extension returns the focus directly to the form again. I created a page where I can reproduce this behavior: https://www.db-works.nl/enpass-bugreport/ , please check this site with steps to reproduce. Tested with: Windows 10 Enterprise Version 20H2 (OS build 19042.1165) Firefox 94.0.2 (64-bits) + Enpass extension for firefox version 6.7.0 Chrome Version 96.0.4664.45 (Official Build) (64-bit) + Enpass extension for chrome version 6.7.4 Hopefully you can fix this bug.
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