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  1. Thanks. I'll give it a shot once I get the new machine. (I'm guessing there's no manual import from the CSV file in v6?)
  2. Thank in advance. I'm running Enpass 5.6.9 (151) and will soon get a new machine. I just want to port over data before erasing the old machine's HDD. I worry that I may be trying to jump too many versions of Enpass, as a recent response in the forums describes features I don't find in my Desktop version. Instructions recently posted show: In order to access/migrate the same database of your Older Mac to New Mac you need to sync your database with each other by following steps: Open Enpass on your Old Mac and go to Enpass settings --> Click on 'Vaults' --> Select the PRIMARY vault---> Select ‘Set up Sync’ and choose a cloud account to your database. Enter your cloud account details, follow the instructions, and wait till the sync is done (for more information about this step refer to this link). Download the Enpass App on your New Mac-> “Welcome Screen“ will appear--> Click on “Restore existing data”. Choose the same cloud account from which you had enabled sync on your device as in step 1--> Enter the credentials --> Enter the Master Password -->Click on “Restore“. Once the sync is done, the database from your Old Mac will be synced with your New Mac. I don't show the "settings" option in the Enpass menu, Vaults, etc. FWIW, I've been using probably the most "basic" approach to Enpass, all without a cloud sync/backup. I did find the CSV/txt backup or download option for the data, which I've done. (I can open that CSV to see the data.) I've also just now set up a sync to a Google Drive account using a different pathway. That file looks pretty much unopenable (.walletx), so I'm a little wary of using that as my safety mechanism. But the sync likely worked - or I imagine it did. So... When I install new Enpass on new machine - and set up the sync - the data should port right over into Enpass from my GDRive. OK. If it doesn't for some reason, will the new version have an "import" from CSV option? Thanks again.
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