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  1. I'm trying to help a customer with Enpass. He is an older gentleman who doesn't understand a lot about technology. He brought his Android phone into our shop, he was worried about the Enpass App, he wasn't sure how he got it on his phone, but it seemed like he hadn't completed the setup because the app was displaying a screen that said "create master password". He told me he didn't want to use the app and wanted to remove it from his phone. I showed him how to uninstall it. A couple hours later, he calls the shop and tells our receptionist that he can't get into any of his banking web sites any more on his laptop, and that the passwords he had written down didn't work. I'm assuming he also installed Enpass on his laptop as well and didn't tell me about it when he brought in his phone. When installed on a PC, does Enpass create new complex passwords for web based logins that would supersede his prior passwords? How can I get this gentleman access to his banking sites again? Thanks for your time.
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