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  1. Yes I was using Dropbox before, but for some reason I was having performance issues. So I tried iCloud, which works nice and fast. I am hoping that Enpass support monitors these threads and recognize this as a feature request.
  2. I'm running iCloud sync over 6 apple devices, Macs, iPhone, iPad and I can't see where the enpass vault is located even with your cool CmSft. trick. Works fine on wife's Mac after logging in under my account after a prompt. I just got it running on a Win10 machine and it works fine. Surely Enpass can get this working on iPhone app.
  3. Thank you for your reply! The API that allows apps to use iCloud storage places the files in an invisible directory that you cannot access from your iCloud account. At one time I figured out how to get to these hidden file locations using Terminal, but I can't remember how I did it... Anyway it seems to me something you can program into the app, after all Enpass iCloud works fine on Macs (including my M1 with 12.1 Beta) by allowing the authentication step.
  4. Hi, I setup iCloud sync, which is working great across my Apple devices. I want to share the vault with my wife. I could setup on her Mac, it allowed me to logon to my iCloud account to access the data file. With her iPhone, Enpass does not offer the option to use a different iCloud account, so it just looks at her iCloud account. Hopefully there is a trick to getting this to work?
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