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  1. Hi @Abhishek Dewan, They say Dutch people can be a bit "direct" so in advance don't take this as an attack ;-) But how can it be that a request was posted in may 2020 and now +- 3 years later still is under discussion? In my opinion this cannot be true and/or serious. Don't get me wrong i love Enpass and use it a lot. But please be honest in the feedback and tell the user wat to expect. Just say: No we will not implement this in the coming years because there is to much to do when this is the case. Again no hard feelings ;-) I just like transparent communication With kind regards, Rik
  2. Any update on this topic? I know the team is capable to implement this feature but will it be and when?
  3. I would love this feature. Any update on the status of this feature?
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