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  1. I removed: Enpass app Empass folders & files in Library. Remove iCloud permissions to Enpass, Clean trash Finnaly rebooted Mac. Double checked that all previously removed files were really deleted. Rebooted Mac again. Then: Install Enpass from App Store. Open Enpass Synced with iCloud. All my passwords were there BUT: iCloud icon keeps "syncing" and vault settings window says "synchronizing..." iCloud sync is broken. Maybe I have to change to sync with Dropbox or other option.
  2. ramorales2021

    Crash always

    Yesterday was working ok but noticed that wasn't syncing to iCloud. So this what I did: Few clicks on sync button and nothing happens. Remove sync setting. Activate sync with iCloud. iCloud ask for permission. Granted. Empass crashes After this, every time that I open Empass: Click on Empass. Ask for permission (use touchID). Granted. Empass crashes again
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