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    • Which version of OS are you using on each of your devices?
      • iPad: iOS 10.3.3 (14G60)
      • iPhone: 11.0 (15A5341f)
      • MacBook Pro: 10.12.6 (16G29)
    • Which version of Enpass are you using in each of your devices?
      • iPad and iPhone: 5.5.4
      • MacBook Pro: 5.5.8 (101)
    • What error message/code are you getting while syncing?
      • I get no error code
    • Do the Last Sync and Last Attempt time stamps get updated?
      • I believe so, yes. I can't reproduce it at will.
  1. Enpass and Dropbox interaction on iOS11 Beta

    Has anyone had an issue with all entries disappearing from Enpass on the iOS11 beta? If I disconnect Dropbox and reconnect, they all resync correctly, but you must disconnect Dropbox. Just hitting the sync button does nothing. 

    Edit: It seems I am missing some entries. They are still there on the Mac OS app, but not on iOS. Also, this doesn't appear to be a dropbox specific issue. I switched to a WebDAV server and got the same results: missing entries.

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