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  1. Issue solved! I solved the issue by changing the synchronization mode to a different cloud service and then reselecting iCloud, providing all the authentication details and submitting the form. The iPhones now have a stable connection to iCloud and sync continuously. I will try the same on the Macbooks when they loose their authentication again. ---- Edit: Works like a charm now on iPhones and Macbooks!
  2. Hello, I want to sync one vault stored in iCloud across 4 Apple devices and I have severe problems syncing the devices. I managed to sync them all initially once. But once the iPhones lost their authentication I couldn't reauthenticate them with iCloud anymore. The Macbooks have a different issue. They lose their authentication once in a while (maybe once a week). After that I can successfully reauthenticate them. But that's really annoying. Is it even possible to use Enpass with my setup? With different devices having different Apple IDs registered in their OS? My Setup: All Enpass installations are licensed with my private lifetime license. My vault is stored in my Private Apple ID's iCloud and shall be synced across all devices. 2FA is enabled on the Apple ID. Business Apple ID registered in the OS on the following devices: iPhone 12 iOS 15.1.1: Enpass 6.7.1 Macbook with macOS 11.6: Enpass 6.7.4 Private Apple ID registered in the OS on the following devices: iPhone XS iOS 15.1: Enpass 6.7.1 Macbook with macOS 11.2.3: Enpass 6.7.4
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