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  1. figured it out. some background app was preventing it. I disabled a few login items. Unfortunately, I didn't track them to see which was the cause. But Enpass seems to be working OK now.
  2. Hi Gulshan, Thanks for the continued help. moved the Enpass folder to Downloads folder. I don't run any Enpass extensions and double checked with Activity Monitor that no instance of Enpass was running. Launched Enpass and it froze in the same manner .
  3. if I could launch I could tell you, but I'd guess less than 100. heh, heh, heh, what's a vault? I haven't added any vaults that I'm aware of. The files are backed up with Tresorit, but not "sync'd" per se. Other than that they are backed up locally with Carbon Copy Cloner, but not to a cloud.
  4. website not a browser ext. app only. if it matters, MacBook Air on High Sierra
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