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  1. I think there is an easier way to implement it and cover a wide variety of needs. And I myself would love it! Let us assume everyone has his own master vault (i.e. the one you are using just right now). Imagine you just add a new type of password entry ("enpass-vault") where you define: the name of the embedded vault the file_name of the vault file the master password for this embedded vault define read-only or read-write behavior setup synchronization for (i.e. different dropbox account) Now the enpass app will at its start scan the main vault for these "enpass-vault" entries for available embedded vaults and will make them available/searchable for the user. When the user wants to store a new password, it will be stored into the main vault by default unless the user specifies any of the embedded read-write vaults to store it in. In this way, it is solely on the user's decision what kind of embedded vault he/she wants to have (team vault, external company vault, wife's vault, family vault etc.)...
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