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  1. Hi! Sorry for the very late response, but this issue still remains. I have had this issue on both the latest versions of Windows 10 and Windows 11 (currently at 22H2, 22621.2134), using the latest Enpass from the Microsoft Store (currently 6.9.0 (1466)). For browser I have this issue independent of versions, currently at least with version 117, but had the issue with older versions as well (dating back to when I started the topic). The browser extension is version 6.8.8. For pattern, I try to have something like this being wildcarded, but doesn't work: https://*.dev.domain.tld.
  2. You also could have checked Twitter (see a post before) or other channels instead of ranting/trolling here on the forum and be more helpful next time. A post like this doesn't help at all and brings only negativity, where nobody asked for either. Hence I suspect your post will only be ignored, how much you try to be outstanding by changing the background color for the text. If you'd been testing things around, you should've quickly seen that the MS Store had issues, which you are now reflecting at Enpass, which totally is unfair/irrelevant. The only thing to complain about, is the lack of communication on the discussion forums, so you didn't have to do a single thing with your lazy and much complaining ass. EDIT: A little late to the party, but it's working for me as well.
  3. I also wish Enpass staff would communicate a bit more in this topic.
  4. The problem is that for Windows Hello support (so you can log in with fingerprint for example) requires to have the MS Store version installed, as that's the only version that actually supports Windows Hello. It's unknown to me why there is a difference in the MS Store app vs the non MS Store app. Source: https://support.enpass.io/app/setup/kb/troubleshoot_windows_hello_or_touch_id_is_not_enabled_on_this_device_error.htm EDIT: I also just checked my Windows Hello settings, it had an error there as well about authentication / verification. I ran through the verification and Hello is working again, but I still can't install the Enpass MS Store version of the app.
  5. I installed the non MS Store version of the app, I have access to my vault again. For some reason the app now says that Windows Hello is not available. I sure hope the non MS Store version will get Windows Hello support as well.
  6. I have TOTP emergency recovery codes stored as password and a 'token claim' stored as password as well. Will try to change those. EDIT: Indeed, after changing those fields, the message is gone! Thanks!
  7. I still have the message saying that the information stored have been breached with no way to manually overrule this.
  8. Thanks! I hope there is a reply from them soon! Thanks for the support so far!
  9. I just installed and tried the beta, after logging in and syncing the database, I still can't manually override the 'breached website' warning in the Plex entry in my database.
  10. Hello and thanks for your reply! I am using version 6.8.2 (1084) currently. I will try the beta and let you know if it has been resolved or not.
  11. Hello, Recently, Plex had a breach, Enpass responded quite fast, by tagging my Plex credentials as breached. Thanks to the mail received from Plex, I had changed the password before Enpass came with it's reaction (marking my credentials as breached). I therefore changed the password twice: the first time after I received Plex' e-mail, the second time, after Enpass marked my credentials as breached. But for some reason, Enpass still marks my credentials as breached and I have no idea how I can tell Enpass it's not a breached password anymore, any thoughts? I use the Microsoft Store edition of Enpass. Kind regards, Mokaraa
  12. Hello Enpass! First of all, thanks for updating the browser extension, it's a really amazing tool now! I just have one tiny question, maybe I missed it in my search on Google and around the forums here, maybe I just miss something, I don't know. But I was wondering if it's possible to use wildcards in the Inline Autofill Popup Menu blocklist. Reason being is I also use Enpass for my personal accounts at work (like the password for my business e-mail account), where we also have another password manager for the business wide password credentials (sensitive internal information, internal credentials etc). On our dev environments, I have two passwords managers that would like to be used, the URLs are quite the same, like appXX.dev.domain.tld. In this case, it would be useful to just add *.dev.domain.tld on the blocklist, but it seems it doesn't do anything currently and it would be amazing if it did! Keep up the great work you're doing, I really love using Enpass! Thanks for making me forget my passwords! Kind regards, Mokaraa
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