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  1. I'm sorry. Somehow I used iCloud to sync the database. The fact that it can not be synced like I said. I changed back to Dropbox and it worked properly. I'm so sorry for this mistake. Anyway, can we add a button name "Sync now" to force Enpass sync the database? I suggest it will be at the cloud icon. When we touch on this icon, it will show the synchronization status as well as the "Sync now" button.
  2. Hi, thanks for your reply. I don't know what situation that you mentioned. I'm talking about opening of Enpass when we want to fill a password, not when we open the app from home screen. I said that because Enpass on my phone, it does not sync that way. I'd tried to create a dumb account on Mac and synced the database completely. Then I used Enpass on iPhone but there was no synchronization until I opened the app.
  3. Hi, First, I'm sorry that I don't know whether the words auto-fill field I used is correct or not. I hope you will understand after I explain my idea. What I'm taking is on iOS. When we face a log in form, we can choose Enpass to open the app (instead of choose suggested accounts that Enpass showed under the username/password box where we move the cursor on). I called that is opening Enpass from auto-fill field. When opening Enpass in this situation, I see the vault's icon has a motion ring that looks like it's syncing. But no, it doesn't. Compared to 1password, it sync every time we open the app. So, please support the same ideas with 1password, let the app syncs the vault when we open it. I'm using Dropbox as a cloud service to save all my passwords. Technically, Dropbox has API that support auto-sync folder at client device, here: Detecting Changes Guide - Dropbox. I'm so happy if it could be applied in our app. Thank you.
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