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  1. 100% agree its has to make good sense to include this option , I did post some were else about this , Plus they should integrate a virtual keyboard to stop possible keyboard logging , the password manger I am using at present has a virtual keyboard to enter the master password , as you all know , a service is only as good as the worst component in it , all yours eggs in one basket with a master password as the door , this must have better Security, Like AnthonyB, inh, I will stay with present password manager untill hopefully this gets implemented It will make a lot of difference to peoples decisions if this gets implemented
  2. Hope this gets implemented Virtual Keyboard Right well another password manager has a virtual keyboard why need one . well simple !! keyboard loggers . as you know a component is only as good as the worst part in it . you type that masterpassword in someone managed (some software ) to install malware on your pc and it sends the masterpassword some were with out you knowing . Well at present the password manager I have has a virtual keyboard could that be implemented in enpas just pops up with keyboard you click on keyboard buttons , the password done!!! dont use keyboard for masterpassword told passwarn about this there answer was !! >>>>> great idea > will pass to developer,,,, years later anything done naaaaa
  3. Hi everybody May I paint a picture I have 5 password managers most on life time deals , stickeypassword, passwordBoss , Passswarden, and passcamp plus another that I* statred with .. now I at this point you all laughing . why so many . well some in the past were quite good but never developed over time ,, in fact most have not developed Some have roadmaps with intentions to add yubikey , Now I am not on here to complain no no no enpas is looking good and I can see in the discussion on here is quite recent ,which is good . As I see it ( I could be wrong.... open to discussion of course) there are two non business user password managers while a lots of the rest are not doing much on this,,, The point is that hackers never stand still things change , this would be incredible improvement of enpas and I sure more customers would join . again this not a complaint passcamp roadmap its on its way , err yea ,,,,years later nop roadmap same suggested suggested passwarden e-mailed and e-mail errr yea was about it In fact II give some these password mangers away ... with no passwords in them of course
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