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  1. wow that would be a great news ! I must say that I was looking to migrate to another software (without subscription) because of that weakness. In the opposite, I've also read that 1password to going to move to an universal software, which is a very bad choice for them.
  2. Hi Dani, finally it works fine for me also. I don't know what happened when I wrote the message... This being done, the only problem that remains on Enpass on Mac (I know the is another topic) is the very slow response time when using the search field, probably because it is not MacOS native software...
  3. Hi Gulshan, indeed by switching to dark theme then Enpass goes dark. However my system is set to Automatic, and Enpass does not switch to dark when the system automatically (at night) changes to dark theme.
  4. Hello, I have installed Enpass 6.7.4 (938) on my new laptop, and realized that it is no more possible to switch to dark mode. The option has simply disappeared from the customize panel, see screenshot. Regards.
  5. Thank you Abhishek. It did not work straight away as once I disconnect and reconnect it did not prompt me for iCloud login, so I'll try next time the connection expires.
  6. Hello, I often have to make Enpass reconnect to iCloud for synchronization. The cloud icon turns red and I must go to click on it, going to Wallet parameters, and start synchronization process with iCloud re-authentication. Using Enpass 6.7.4 (938) on Apple Mac M1. Thanks.
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