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    OS X Enpass keep syncing

    Over the last several weeks I have had an issue with Enpass. Namely, on the upper left corner of the app, the circular motion kept circling like it cannot complete sync with my other devices. Does anyone have a similar issue? Can anyone help me solving this problem? Regards
  2. I've had no problem with the app and I've been using it for over three years. Make sure your finger and your iOS device is very dry. Also, keep in mind your "main password" cannot be recovered by anyone but you.
  3. Although I haven't conducted a detailed research by any means, my experience since I use Enpass (for 3 years now) has been the following: - Enpass app has worked for me impeccably, both for desktop as well for mobile platforms; updates have been regular. This has been the case for 1Password as well but on the much more expensive side. 1Password has been also much more aggressive in terms of advertisement. I just have not see a major reason to use 1Password, especially since they recently turned to a subscription based pricing model, over Enpass. I hope this helps. I took time for a reply mostly because my experience with the app has been flawless thus far; I hope they'll keep doing a good job.
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