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  1. steppy

    Help with web form

    thank you and look forward to further assistance. Stephen
  2. steppy

    Help with web form

    Maniah: I've emailed the files. I'm not sure what my "forum link" is; this page, my profile? stephen
  3. steppy

    Help with web form

    Thanks for reply. I saved both web archive and page source from Safari but file type is not allowed for upload. Is there an alternate way to get files to you? If it helps, the site URL is: https://app.appointmentking.com/scheduler_self_service.php?domid=1342&appt=6359704&extcal=1 Thanks again. stephen
  4. steppy

    Help with web form

    Manish: Using and identity type item does get me closer! It is now all correct except the Month, DD and Email fields. Month always comes up Dec even with my identity form set to Aug DD comes up 08 and I've set to 12. All else works as I've set up. I've tried text and number format. Any ideas? Is there a special way to handle a pull down selection? Thank you. stephen
  5. steppy

    Help with web form

    Manish: Took another look at the user manual. In the saving webforms section it shows options I do NOT have, (screen shot attached). Is this because Enpass is from the Apple Store? Should I download from Enpass site? Thanks again. Hope to hear back soon. Stephen
  6. steppy

    Help with web form

    Manish: Thanks for your reply! I've attached screen shots that should answer question 1 Install was from App Store. Please let me know if one is preferred and if I should reinstall. Let me know if I can provide additional information. stephen
  7. steppy

    Help with web form

    Every day I need to reserve a swimming lane at the YMCA on appointmentking.com. I'd love to have an auto fill from Enpass. I've attached screen shots of webform and my latest attempt in Enpass to create a custom item (it doesn't work). Thoughts? Ideas? Help!!! thanx stephen
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