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  1. Sent an email with some screenshot about the problem to the support just now @Gulshan Dogra.
  2. Followed meticollously all the steps but the error keeps showing, at this point i have no idea if it's my device that presents some problems or what. This error appears after i got the credentials of my drive, exactly before asking the password of the vault. Could it be related?
  3. Hi @Gulshan Dogra, thank you for your response, at the moment I am at work so I'll try your solution tonight.
  4. Good evening everyone, I have to report an important problem regarding my android app of Enpass. Several days ago I could not open my enpass app due to the fact that it did not recognise my master password, even if no one has changed it. The vault is synced with Google Drive and it can be accessed and modified by my other device (a windows 11 tablet). I have already tried to remove the vault online and chaning the master password, reinstalling it and changing the storage permission but the Android app still gives me this message keeps while on the tablet there are no problem whatsoever. I even tried to sync with my onedrive account, but the same error message keeps appearing. Do you have any other suggestion?
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