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  1. I'm using the Mac version so I don't know if this applies to other operating systems. The right hand side content window for logins and notes, etc. has two columns. The left column is for header items and the right for their contents. Those columns seem to be expressed as a percentage and that leads to a gross amount of space allocated for the tiny headers. In the case of "Notes", in the main content pane it is completely unnecessary to have a massive column to the left of the content with the tiny "Notes" word hogging all of that space. This causes the IMPORTANT content to be scrunched in the right column and to rectify this at all you have to increase the horizontal size of the window (which also proportionally increases the unneeded left column.) I think it'd be great to optionally eliminate the left column (especially in notes). Or have an option to make the left column the size of the header text and then the right content column would be automatically what is remaining. I'd also like to see the font and text sizes selectable for the app in general and possibly separately for the notes content area. Plus, it'd be nice to eliminate the yellow background in the notes content area right column while not in the edit mode. I mostly am referring to data I've already placed there and the yellow (with a horrible contrast blue for selected text) is hard on my eyes. I use the app as a secure note taker (mainly) so I spend all day staring at that cramped right column.
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