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  1. I wanted to share a quick update, that I found a workaround. It seems, for now, that the problem didn't happen anymore since I use that, and I thought others might like to try this as well to mitigate the problem until a fix is implemented from the enpass team. Here's what I've done (Note that I'm not native english, so some of the descriptions of apps/menu items/buttons are likely not exactly the same, as I translated them from my non-english UI ): Disable 'Open Automatically at system startup’ option under General Settings of Enpass. Launch 'Shortcuts' app on your mac. Create a new shortcut with 2 actions: Action: wait for 20 seconds (you can try more or less, but 20 worked well for me without annoying me, because it was not too long) Action: Launch application enpass close the shortcut In the overview of all shortcuts in the shortcut app, right click on your newly created shortcut and select "add to dock". (can be removed from the dock later) This will not only create an icon in your dock, but also an app in your users applications folder (e.g. /Users/johndoe/Applications) You can add this new app to you "Login Items", so it's launched after you login. (optinally: remove the shortcut from the dock again, the app in your users application folder will stay) That's it. Now every time you login, after a delay of 20 seconds, enpass is launched automatically. Whatever causes the initial bug why I opened this thread seems to not happen if enpass is lanched this way. Some links if you struggle with the steps I described: (edit: had to remove the links to the apple support pages, as the anti-spam feature of the forum wasn't allowing me to post with the links. It's not too hard to find with google or similar though.) Hope that helps
  2. It's been a while since my last post. The issue persists. It's happening less often, but it still happens. About the provided steps: Doesn't make a difference. It just doesn't happen then right after login, but when the enpass app launch is triggered by the browser extension. Never had this enabled I don't use Safari. I use Firefox and Chrome. I have pinned tabs in Chrome. Disabling them is not an option,as I need them for my work, and as the issue happens only occasionaly I can't leave them disabled (temporarily) for weeks. I added another screenshot what happened roughly an hour ago.
  3. Another idea: Maybe it is somehow related to the browser plugins? I say this because very recently the Firefox plugin "lost" the connection to the enpass app on my computer. During the process of connecting the browser plugin to the app again the app icon was showing multiple times in the dock for a short time. Also: I'm using the plugins for multiple browsers parallel and I'm using at least Firefox and Chrome at the same time on a regular basis. Sometimes others as well, like Safari
  4. Hey, I upgraded to 6.8.3 on Friday but even before that the issue occurred very rarely now. Can’t tell if 6.8.3 fixed it for good yet, but I hope so.
  5. Rejoiced too soon. After the issue was gone for weeks, it's back now.
  6. I don't know if that information helps, but I migrated from a Intel MBP to a M1 MBA. I moved everything over with apples migration assistant and the issue is gone.
  7. No, they remain. When I click on one after the other it doens't open multiple windows/instances of Enpass. It seems that all of those icons are just bringing back the focus to the one single existing program window. If I click on one Icon, then close the program window (with the red X in the top left corner) also one icon (the last one I clicked on) disappears. So if that happens, I click on one of the icons then close the window and repeat that until all the icons are gone from the dock.
  8. Well.. it happened again. Now as mentioned before on macOS 12.4. and with Enpass 6.8.2 (1082) from the app store. Edit: Activity Monitor showed only one instamce of Enpass running.
  9. I wasn't able to check this earlier, but now. no, only the one from the app store. only one instance well, I kept my system up to date. That means macOS 12.4. Today in the morning after starting the computer I had again two icons in the dock. At that moment I was still on Enpass 6.8.1 (1060) App Store. While reading the latest posts in this thread I updated to Enpass 6.8.2 (1082) from the app store. Maybe it's fixed. I will let you know if not.
  10. Hi, since a few weeks I have this issue that enpass shows up multiple times in the dock on startup of my mac. It doesn't happen always, but often. Sometimes "only" 2 instances, sometimes many (see attached screenshot). This happens before I start any other application. I'm on macOS Monterey 12.3.1. enpass 6.7.4 (938) from the app store enpass is set to automatically run on startup in the settings. edit: I don't know if this makes a difference, but I'm on a multi monitor setup. It's not a critical error as I can simply click on one of the instances after the other and close it, and still everything works as expected. Still annoying though.
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