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  1. I have an iMac, a MacBook and an iPhone and use Enpass on all of them. Usually at home, I work at the iMac, the MacBook being turned off. On the go, I use the MacBook. What I wish for is a set up, where I can sync over the Wi-Fi between iPhone and iMac - or between iPhone and iMac. As for iMac and MacBook, usually one of these is not available. The iPhone is always charged, turned on, and available. How can I set up a sync between these devices? At home, I use the iMac and want to sync to the iPhone. When leaving, Enpass on the MacBook is usually outdated, so I want to sync it with the iPhone (which is assumed to have all the latest passwords). But at that time I'm away and the iMac is no longer there. How can I keep the 3 devices in sync? Is it possible to have multiple servers for the Wi-Fi sync? Or can an iPhone be a sync server?
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