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  1. Sorted it, actually it was a combination of things. - In Sys Prefs I added Full Disk Access to the app's permissions. - I also set up a vault on my Mac's SSD and synced it with the vault in iCloud. End of issue... cheers
  2. Hi all Every time I launch Enpass on my Mac it behaves as if it expects me to set it up again, 'select where you already have or want to keep your data' and a window showing various options as to locating the Enpass database. Further it prompts me to 'activate Enpass' which if I make the mistake of clicking will prompt getting a six digit code. At the very least I have to tell Enpass that my data is on on iCloud which prompts a series of browser window logins and clickthroughs before it launches my database and prompts me for the password or PIN. I have an database filled out, I have a master password, I have a PIN. All I want to do is load up the app, validate who I am using password or PIN and access my data. However I need to keep telling Enpass where it is and what my account is. Something I am missing here?
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